Schools Education Programme

Under the KerryLIFE Project, the Project Team will engage with all the national and secondary schools that have pupils from the Caragh and Blackwater catchments.  The Project Team believe the project will provide an excellent opportunity to deliver a programme of interesting, engaging, multidimensional educational events to schoolchildren.   Topics addressed will focus on ecology, life cycle, habitat requirements and conservation threats to freshwater pearl mussel. In addition, it will encompass broader environmental topics, such as biodiversity and water quality.  The Project Team anticipate working with the schools through a combination of classroom activities and field visits.


In conjunction with the Recreational Officer in South Kerry Development Partnership, the Project Team proposes to develop a ‘KerryLIFE’ walking trail within the project area.  It is anticipated that the ‘KerryLIFE’ walkway will link into the existing Kerry Way.  By way of supporting the development of this new walkway, the KerryLIFE project will cover the costs of necessary infrastructure: stiles, way-markers and signage.

Consumer Network

By way of supporting local enterprises in the area, the project team have compiled a comprehensive directory of all businesses in the catchments.  LINK to directory.  If you would like to have your business included in this directory please contact the KerryLIFE project office 076 1002621 or by email:  kerrylife@ahg.gov.ie

Tourism Infrastructure

The KerryLIFE project is fortunate to be operating not only in an area steeped with a rich cultural heritage but also in one of the most scenic parts of Ireland.  The project team anticipate working closely with tourism based businesses in the area, in particular farm based tourism, in developing and promoting the Blackwater and Caragh catchment areas as sustainable tourist destinations.