To improve public awareness of the project and to disseminate results, a range of media events will be organised throughout the lifetime of the project. Press releases for the media campaign will focus on, and include:

  • The importance of the freshwater pearl mussel in the Caragh and Blackwater catchments in a regional, national and international context
  • The significance of the biodiversity of the Caragh and Blackwater catchments
  • The critical role played by the farming and forestry communities in developing and maintaining the freshwater pearl mussels and biodiversity
  • The changing nature of farming and forestry in the Caragh and Blackwater and the need to test and evaluate land management techniques in order to define optimal management practices to sustain the freshwater pearl mussel and the livelihoods of the community
  • The development and implementation of ongoing support mechanisms to sustain the freshwater pearl mussel, biodiversity and the project objectives after project completion, and its relevance to the wider public in Irish society
  • General interest articles on the built and natural heritage of the project area.