The KerryLIFE Project

Preparatory actions

A.1          Project start-up, project team and project office

A.2          Preparation of farm management plans

A.3          Preparation of forest management plans

Concrete conservation actions

C.1          Drain management

C.2          Stabilising riparian sediment sources using broadleaf planting

C.3          Establishment of in-field buffer strips

C.4          Grazing and livestock management

C.5          Reduction of farm nutrient inputs

C.6          Alternative drinking water facilities for livestock

C.7          Restructuring of commercial plantation to long-term retention woodland

C.8          Transformation of conventional clearfell managed commercial forest to continuous cover forestry

C.9          Firebreak management

Monitoring actions

D.1          Mussel monitoring

D.2          Biological monitoring of freshwater pearl mussel habitat

D.3          Sediment and flow monitoring

D.4          Water chemistry

D.5          Vegetation monitoring

D.6          Monitoring the implementation of farm and forest management plans

D.7          Evaluation of the cost-effective of project action and socio-economic impacts of project

D.8          Evaluation of the impacts of project actions on ecosystem functions

Public awareness and dissemination of results

E.1           Project launch, public meeting and events

E.2           KerryLIFE website

E.3           Media campaign

E.4           Added value, product branding and tourism

E.5           KerryLIFE demonstration farm and forest project sites

E.6           Training workshops and demonstration events

E.7           School educational programme

E.8           Project publications

E.9           Project conference

E.10        Project reporting

Project operation and monitoring

F.1           Project operation and management

F.2           Networking with other projects, including LIFE projects

F.3           Development of the project data management systems

F.4           Financial management

F.5           Independent audit

F.6           After-LIFE Conservation Plan